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UPDATE Uh, yah, hard to post anonymously if I have it require Registered Users... sorry and fixed.
This is actually alot more questioning than I anticipated.
You can really do whatever you choose to do,
but if you want to be a sheep, then I'll give you some options.
  • Feel free to mock me for asking so much.
  • Feel free to only reply that you will think about it but that it's none of my damned business.
  • Feel free to write anonymously. You never know. We may not know you as well as you think. We all keep alot hidden inside.
  • You can use multiple replies if you overflow.
  • You can reply to just one or two questions.
I'll make this so it looks ugly in the post,
but so you can cut/paste and have proper bolding in reply.

<B>What makes you feel most accepted socially?</B>

<B>What makes you feel most accepted romantically?</B>
(Not sexually, unless you don't have distinction between the two)

<B>What makes you feel most unaccepted?</B>

<B>Are you generally insecure because of or in relation to this?</B>
(ie, do you generally feel under accepted, or in need of acceptance?
Do you try to gain acceptance?
Are you deeply injured by a lack of acceptance?)

<B>Can you trace any of this back to a root cause?</B>
(ie, why does acceptance affect you the way it does?
This is usually alot further back than last year,
and alot deeper than you would explore daily.)

<B>Are your primary relationships specifically because of your need for acceptance,
or in addition to?
</B> <B>How so?</B> <B>Elaborate.</B>

<B>Name 3-5 major faults in yourself, other than a need for acceptance.</B>

<B>Name 3-5 major benefitial traits/qualities as you see yourself.</B>

<B>Get one or two of your friends to name the same.</B>
(ie, looking for disparity here. If they can't or won't,
then consider whether they are helping you grow and vice versa,
and how to fix that.)

<B>If you were able to see these good things daily, how would you change?</B>

<B>Can you accept that your friends' statemens may be correct?</B>

<B>Can you accept that they still accept you, despite your faults?</B>

<B>How can you achieve a state such that you are regularly aware of these good traits?</B>
(ie, what makes you notice them?
How can you combat the unsure feelings about them?)

<B>What do you get from YOUR friends?</B>

<B>Is there a good balance?</B>

<B>Are you now lost, cursing me for making this big list of evil questions?</B>
(Blame me. It's ok. It's all my fault.)
anyway, the end.
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