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Cognitive therapy = resolution at 16 weeks with half the relapse rate of antidepressants

Cognitive Therapy vs Psychotherapy
In a study of 240 patients, researchers found that patients [...] who got four months of cognitive therapy had about the same relapse rate a year later as people who took Paxil (paroxetine) the whole time. If people quit taking Paxil after four months, their relapse rate was twice that of therapy patients'.
In the study, patients on medication got better quicker. At eight weeks, the response rate was 50 percent for Paxil , 43 percent for cognitive therapy, and 25 percent for placebo. But by 16 weeks, 58 percent of patients in both treatment groups were feeling better.

The article goes on to explain differences in cogtherapy vs psychotherapy, limitations in the field, etc.
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