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Dream Dream Dream Dream
So erica and I were getting ready to go somewhere. I was lost in something. Then a gap. Were we asleep because it was too long, or did I find some other reason to go into the garage? I shined a light around, and saw someone run away. *FREAK OUT*.

So I grab the phone. It doesn't even have a dial tone. It automatically calls some lady in OK. WTF.

So I try my cellphone, and dial 911. My cellphone starts playing some music REALLY loud and pops up big red letters saying it's downloadin an upgrade to allow me to call 911. It'll be 23 minutes.
I can't make it be quieter. Turning the volume all the way off doesn't help. So I try to back out and it shows a list of files from XP and has a little DOS prompt.

So I go to the little red phone in the shed in the back yard hiding to keep from the bad man coming to stop me. The little red phone autodials someone else. Then I notice it's only got a couple of buttons. I still can't even dial 0 for operator.

I'm back in the house.

Erica's not scared or worried, she's just empathetic that I'm having such a hard time. So I delete *.* on my phone. I'm saddened by the loss of photos and such on it, but when I reset it, the memory stick has to be empty since I'm sure he hacked it by putting on a specially named file which was processed as a firmware update.

I forget and retry the inside line. No ringing, the lady says "it's you again."

So I go out through the garage. The guy is gone by now. I'm pissed that he's hacked all on my phones.

I call out to the morning neighbors to call 911. The older lady across the road does it. She said they only respond to emergencies for (list of drug companies).

I complained that I thought 911 was still the number for break-ins and personal emergencies. She said fine. The police have been notified and you have a court date set.


The neighborhood suddenly looks alot like my mom's and I'm looking towards the West.

Then I hear this REALLY loud jet. I follow it with my eyes. I remember that we live really close to an airport.

There is a HUGE aircraft overhead. I say it's shaped sort of like a bird of prey, and we're scrambling to find a working camera. (Bird of Prey, The Klingon ship, not as in a hawk or falcon or eagle).

The "neck" of the ship is about the diameter of a ful sized car. The head is sort of almond shaped. The fuselage and wings are sort of one big triangle, but deformed appropriately for air travel. As it passes, there is no blast or wind, even though it's only a few hundred feet up. It's almost as if it's coasting. It has 2 giant thrusters, probably 15 feet in diameter, but they're off.

Then it sort of pauses, turns, hovers, then lands in the giant arena. You know, the one we can see just the rim of. (WTF?) I call out to Erica, excited and exasperated... "It's a VTOL! You know, Vertical Take Off and Landing!"

There are HUGE cheers from th coliseum(sp), then it lifts.
It looks like these thruster-landing pods are giant, but there's sort of a fish-eye effect and it passes. I think, Yah, it must be insanely expensive to keep that thing running in the atmosphere, so it makes sense that it wouldn't stay long.

It was beautiful. Crisp lines. Aerodynamic in the major structures, but not optimized. Really not designed for atmosphere as a primary medium.
This is when I started waking up.

Aparently at some point, I had the heel of my right hand resting on the bicep of my left arm. I was on my side, and I'd cut off blood circulation. Mondo tinglies. I came to write the dream and just now, the last vestiges of tingle are fasing. The edge of my thumb still has a tiny bit.

Typing with a numb and tingly hand is tough.

I know someone who does that all the time.

That makes me sad.
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