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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
So, from anyone following lasher's posts, mom has been sick.

She's had various medical issues, some diabetic related, some as side-effects, including some liver and breathing issues, but mostly just slowing her down.

She'd self medicated with penicillin alot over the last couple of years, and ended up geting colitis. She had to go to the hospital for that, and has been weak since. Some of her meds make her nauseous such as metronidizole(sp). She's also been really sore in the back from lying down so much and the fact that hospital beds aren't made for big people.

She has poor circulation in her legs and hasn't been able to get her legs elevated enough, so she's had some swelling, and a small wound on her shin from bumping her leg on a wheelchair in the hospital. (The ER had really well padded ones, but needed them for the ER. The others aren't padded everywhere).

So this little scrape has turned into cellulitis and she's on antibiotics for that too, but as was said above, she has poor circulation.

Jenn's been with mom for a while, and my aunt LuAnn before that.
Today, Jenn has noticed mom's lower shin seems darker than before. Jenn wants to take mom to the ER for a check, since the various specialists don't have a slot for her right now.

Mom doesn't feel well and hates the hospital, both for discomfort, and also for some ignorance=cuelty when she was 9 months old (surgery without anesthetics because they said babies don't feel pain).

Mom has clearly stated on several occasions that she doesn't want to be a cripple and doesn't want to suffer, and earlier on in this ordeal was almost about ready to call it quits. If things are REALLY serious, and mom is very sturdy in her resolve to not go, then I'm going to respect the consistancy of her wishes pre-and-post illness.

In just a little while I'm going to go over and assess with Jenn and see if it's necessary for me to help pressure mom to the hospital. I won't force her, but I'll test her resolve, because while I respect her and her wishes, I also would like this to be taken care of if possible.

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of course i dont know anything

but did they put those really tight stockings on her legs to keep circulation up and swelling down? it really helped my gramma

My mom is allergic to nylon, and alot of other medica plastics and adhesives, so where it helped my dad, it actually makes things much worse for my mom. Cotton socks work well, but are just too loose to provide any support/pressure.

Josh I am so sorry about your mom. I have been keeping her in my thoughts :(

Sorry you're going through this, Josh. I hope you can convince her to go now while it's still manageable. Good luck.


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