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Josh-Daniel S. Davis

How developers are made

Erica gets tons of spam

Spamassassin doesn't automatically delete anything but the most spameriffic
.procmailrc is a PITA for non-Linux users
Ingo is a plugin for Horde which will edit the .procmailrc
Ingo on Debian requires horde v3.
I'm running v2.
I install horde3
It doesn't work.
I had to copy horde2.conf from the apache-ssl/conf.d to horde3
php is php5, but horde2 was using php4
so I updated the paths in horde3.conf to php5
So I edited some settings here and there
INSTALL is missing from the docs dir and is mis-referenced
I found the full install doc and it listed various pear modules I needed.
I didn't have them all for php5
php5-mcrypt didn't exist at all
I found out reportbugs takes care of the semantics for me.
Christian Bayle is probably still asleep (GMT +2)
I really want to install this so I can move forward.
hrm... I seem to remember... apt-src? no
apt-get source php4-mcrypt
hrm, only downloaded
apt-get -b source php4-mcrypt
builds pretty. Some points to php5, some to php4.
copy off the files
rename all php4 files in the package to php5*
change almost all refs of php4 to php5.
change dependancies from php4:4.3.whatever to 5.0.5-3 (since that's what I'm running)
make distclean
make all
it looks good
hrm, which syntax?
tinker tinker tinker
dpkg-buildpackage -C./debian/changelog -sgpg -d
dpkg --install ../php5-mcrypt_4.3.10-2_i386.deb
simple test of package using horde/test.php
Put this up on my web server and notified the bug

Questionables of note:
A) I built it as root.
B) The po/*.po files made ref to people who did work on the php4-mcrypt package, and those references were changed to php5.
This is probably not kosher.
C) I didn't run lintian as recommended in the newbie build docs.
D) I left the maintainer as Mr. Bayle
E) I'm using an old RSA/idea based key with GPG
F) I didn't pre-read the myriad of build docs for debian, so my initial submission was under php4-mcrypt, and it didn't include ITP (intend to package) in the sublect line.

So, since I'm a newb, I can't submit the package myself, which is OK because I don't want to be maintainer, because then I'd have to be a REAL programmer.

Luckily, it all compiled, because I'm just not experienced with coding on other peoples code, and my overall coding is fairly limited.
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