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dfwforsale: computer goodies for sale

I'm cleaning out my spare parts that have accumulated in the computer room. Let me know quickly if you want any of this for cheap. I live in Lake Dallas and work in Lewisville and was hoping to have people pick some of this up.

Short List
Gateway PII 333 Laptop
Compaq complete P233 slimline desktop, no cd, 2g, 64m, ethernet, video.
IBM Netstation 1000, 64M, PPC 403, VGA, SD flash slot.
Dell R400 with Celeron 533, 40g Maxtor, 128M, sound, agp TNT2, ethernet, usb.
New Laptop 144pin memory
Used scanner/printer with new, extra ink carts.
Used inkjet printer
Used 168 DIMMs
Used 72 and 30 pin SIMMs
Used DIPs
Used PII 233 512
Used P166 and P100
Used SIS p54C motherboard
Used PCMCIA ethernet
IBM Lithium ION laptop batteries
IBM Tseries AC adapter
IBM Ultrabay floppy drive
Fibre Channel controller.
TV/Capture card
AT style 200w server grade power supply with 3-pin plug for power-switch
Misc other goodies

If you're not sure, ask me and I might go a little cheaper just to clear it out. My only request is that if you say you want something, don't drag about it. I'd like to move this. I'd prefer someone come pick it up. Shipping is expensive, mostly in time/packing.

Weekends are best, but I'm around this week during the day. Erica is home most of the time, but may not be able to find or identify all of this.

Item Details
New PC133 256MB 144pin laptop SODIMM (1.25") $50 Firm
New PC133 512MB 144pin 1-inch SODIMM (fits in 1" or 1.25" slot) $80 Firm

Pentium 166 with Micron circular heat-sink Asking $6

Pentium II MMX 233, 512k cache, slot 1 with cartridge, permanent heat-sink, and retaining clip. Asking $8

Pentium 100, with heatsink, no fan. Asking $5

two matching Hyundai 32M 168pin 10ns DIMMS Asking $8

two matching IBM 16M 72pin non-parity, tin-lead Asking $5
two matching Samsung 16M 72pin non-parity, tin-lead Asking $5
two matching IBM 16M 72pin EDO, tin-lead Asking $5

two matching IBM 32M 72pin non-parity, tin-lead Asking $6
two matching IBM 32M 72pin EDO, tin-lead Asking $6

five matching IBM 4MB 72-pin FPM (parity) (2 with newer labels, but same components)
two matching LGS 4MB 72-pin FPM (parity) Asking $4

A sack of various matched, high density 72pin SIMMS (1m to 4m, 60-80ns). Asking $4

A sack of various matched, double sided, low density, 72pin SIMMS (assuming all 8m, but there may be some 2m or 32m modules in there also). Asking $4

A sack of various matched, single sided, low density, 72pin SIMMS (assuming 1m and 4m, but there MIGHT be some 16 meggers). Asking $4

A sack of about 20 unmatched 72pin SIMMs Asking $3

Multiple sets of four matching high-density, 1 meg, 30pin simms. Asking $3

A sack of various, unlabelled 30pin SIMMs Asking $3

A sack of 34-36 256K DIPs Asking $3

Emulex LP6000 32-bit PCI fibre channel HBA with fibre GBIC. Asking $20

Pinnacle studio PCTV 32-bit PCI tv tuner and video capture card. Asking $15

SIS Pentium p54C S17 AT motherboard (switch settings are silkscreened on the board) with 4 PCI, 4 ISA (shared middle slot), PS2 mouse and fat AT KB, 2s, 1p, 1f, 2IDE, 4x 72pin SIMM slots. Looks like 512k L3 cache on-board plus a socketed tag chip. Asking $10

New IBM 200 watt server grade AT style power supply, PN 06H3988 and API-S186S. This was for a 7025-F50, or a Blue and White G3. It has AT style power connectors, and a small 3-pin molex connector for on/off/reset. Asking $10

IBM T300 battery (large, flat, 10.8v at 3.6Ah, looks like it plugs into the docking port as a secondary/auxiliary. PN 02k7042 and 02k7042). Asking $8

IBM T20/T21/T23 battery, newish, keeps good charge. Asking $10

IBM Ultrabay floppy drive with padded case. Asking $5

IBM T-series power brick with cord wrap shell. Asking $8

PCMCIA 10MBIT Ethernet WITH dongle. Asking $5

Lexmark X75 Scanner/printer USB combo device. Ink is still good, but the tips are dry so you'll need to soak the cartridge nozzles in water for a couple of mins, or swab a few times with alcohol. I also have a new color and new black cart, but truly, the old ones have enough that they're worth resuscitating to get the extra life out of them. Asking $45

Gateway Solo 3150 laptop, PII 333MHz, 800x600, 160MB, 6g, DVD, PCMCIA, USB, IR, 10/100eth, modem. Currently running Win2kPro. It came with Win95 and was upgraded to 98, then Win2k. It's sort of in dire need of reinstall. I have all the drivers and the power brick for it. The battery lasts over 30 mins under normal use. Asking $180

PCI USB2 controller. Asking $7

A couple of connexant PCI modems (same chip, slightly different layout). Asking $5 ea

Lexmark Z53 USB inkjet. Unk status on the ink carts. Asking $20

Compaq complete P233 slimline desktop, no cd, 2g, 64m, ethernet, video. Asking $20.

IBM Netstation 1000, 64M (2 72-pin SIMM slots), PPC 403 (runs PPCLinux, the noFPU build), VGA, SD flash slot. Default is netboot and I have copies of the SW for that. There are Linux HOWTOs. The SD slot can be loaded with a flash module to be used for local storage. You can also buy an add-on kit from the open market (not from me) for PCMCIA and the plug is there for it. Has built in video, sound, kb, mouse, ethernet, etc. It's about the size of a textbook and comes with a laptop-style power brick. Asking $20

Dell slot-style PII with Celeron 533 on slocket, 128 or 256M, TNT2 (AGP 2 slot), 40-60g Maxtor. It's sitting next to me but I've run out of steam. It's a complete system, just needs reloading. If anything's missing, I'll pull parts to fix it before you take it home. Asking $75.

I also have some hinges, doorknobs, cedar, walnut and other misc non-electronic stuff if anyone is REALLY interested.
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