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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
khaidaniel: I come WITH you!
razormaid: Honey, you didn't let me dress you. You have to stay here.
khaidaniel: I WANT come with mommy!
razormaid: What if I brought you sausage?
khaidaniel: *perks up* *sniffly* Yahhhhh. And hash browns. and orange juice.
razormaid: Ohhhhhhhh.
khaidaniel: YahhHHHHHH


khaidaniel: I want glue.
razormaid: No sweetie, it's for adults.
khaidaniel: Kids are dults too!
razormaid: No, kids are PEOPLE too.
khaidaniel: Kids are KINA like dults.


khaidaniel: Bombs are friends!


khaidaniel: It's a booty song!


khaidaniel: I bonk on ottoman! *leans* *smacks head on ottoman* I say OUCH to this! BONK!

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(Deleted comment)
Me too, but I'm glad I'm not taking them to the airport. hehe.

Too funny. He's so assertive! Megan just tends to do what she wants and not bother telling us about it. Sigh.

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