Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Userexitd is a configurable handler for Tivoli Storage Manager events

I found this while looking to see if there was an RSS feed generator for TSM. The whole actlog would be WAY too much, but something than ran periodically might be good. The site I'm at pulls info and emails it, as well as tossing it on a webpage.
Version 0.3
2005-12-04 13:39

Implemented UDP support
Got rid of linuxisms, ported to Solaris.
Changed mail to mailx in sample configuration
Added the mailto: example
Got rid of compiler warnings
Added check of unix socket path length
Corrected documentation
Started port to AIX

Version 0.2 is the initial public release of this software.
2005-10-31 16:49

Unfortunately, it is compiled and tested only on the Linux/x86 platform,
since currently I do not have access to TSM on other platforms.
Contributed ports to other platforms are welcome, as would be
shell access for me to do the port.

This version works for me on my test host with TSM 5.2.
The previous unpublished version successfully works in production.

Any comments, suggestions, bug and doc fixes, usage reports are welcome.
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