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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Former Employer pension changes - again
Josh 201604 KWP
Currently, the company:
401(k): match 50 cents on the dollar for your first 6% contribution.
pension: contributes 5% of your base salary into an annuity.

Beginning Jan 1, 2008:
pension: Existing balance continues to accrue interest. No further contributions.
401(k) Plus: Company contributes 2%, plus 100% match up to 6%.

For people on the traditional pension plan, aka not the current cash balance plan,
the company will contribute an additional 4% to your 401(k).

There are concerns that after all of the old-timers are retired,
the company may reduce their 401k contributions,
thereby leaving mid-career employees short.

I'm not concerned. All my $$ is out of there.
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I saw this yesterday in the news.

Then shortly after, I got a call from a recruter that wanted me to interview with them.

Long and short of it was I turned her down. She wanted me to sign something that said that I wouldn't leave in a years time after getting the training. Also I am in school and can't conform to their BS scheduling.

You should check with their HR department directly. They're hiring alot of long-term supplimental employees lately as backfill. The company proper has flexibility with school. The contracting companies are pretty rough considering how little IBM has to pay them vs what they'll pay directly.

Atlanta has call router positions, as well as hardware support (over the phone), but I don't know how many openings.

If you have any unix experience at all, AIX, Linux, Sun, then that'll be helpful, but they have good training.

The ASK that you stay 18 months in the position for which you're trained, butthey have no formal requirements as such, don't backcharge, etc.

Ok. I will explore that option. Thanks for the tip.

Itty Bitty Machines.

But, I bet they both use Fidelity.

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