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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Dillon/Edwards Investments
Josh 201604 KWP
1999 SNL skit with Chris Parnell as the father.
Dillon/Edwards Investments

[Scene of father helping son ride a bicycle for the first time, then, cut to the living room of their house]

Father: Trust, an important part of building a family, and an important part of building his future.

That's why I rely on Dillon/Edwards and Company.

For nearly a century, investors on Wall Street have trusted Dillon and Edwards with their financial future.

And now all of the resources from America's oldest investment firm are available on-line.

[Zoom in of browser location bar filling in www.clownpenis.fart.]

A lot of investment companies rushed onto the Internet, but Dillon and Edwards took their time.

Sure, when they were ready, there was one web address left, but it's one you can count on.

Announcer #1: For mutual funds, count on...

Announcer #2: ...clownpenis.fart.

Announcer #1: Online brokerage...

Announcer #2: ...clownpenis.fart.

Announcer #1: Retirement and tuition planning...

Announcer #2: ...clownpenis.fart.

[Caption: Dillon/Edwards Investments - www.clownpenis.fart]

Announcer #1: Dillon and Edwards Investments...

Announcer #2: ...at www.clownpenis.fart.

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It's so much funnier to watch. I think it's on youtube.com

Here's the link: http://youtube.com/w/SNL-clownpenis.fart?v=oRuBzBnBYnU

Frown Cleanis dot Part


Can't get there?
Then go to http://fart.omnitech.net for registry information.

In the meantime, http://clown.omnitech.net.

Though, my lazy factor kicked in and prevented anything REALLY cool from happenning.

Re: Frown Cleanis dot Part

I can't download the .fart cache file. If you fix that, I'll start running secondary for it.

Re: Frown Cleanis dot Part


And do you want to run secondary for clownpenis.fart only, or also for fart. ?

If you pull secondary for fart also, you won't need the hints cache file (`dig ns fart`), but I will need to add you to the cache file.

What's your nameserver(s) IPs and I'll add them to my allow list, and if appropriate, the .fart tld and cache files.

Also, I've added alien to the clown group, which should allow you to make changes in /home/clown/public_html on ns1.

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