Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

google, ICQ, oh my!

So, I sit down to don my socks.
I see, 229699085 has added you. Would you like to add them?

So I "Get Info" on this person.

UIN: 229699058
Nick: >
First Name: Kristina
Last Name: Schneider
Mobile Phone: +49 1632380421
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2/8/1991
Age: 15
Additional Information:
Warum tun manche Menschen anderen Menschen weh?
Was bringt ihnen das?
Home Address:
City: Lohne
State: Nie
Zip Code: 49393
SO, wierd.
I want to say, "Why is this KINDER even talking to me?"
But I remember 10 years ago, I was still older than she.
Even so, it was still common for people to just search and randomly add people.

I want to say, "I have nothing in common with this person."
But how do I know that?

The most likely possibilities here:
A) A smart spammer
B) Someone PRETENDING to be a 15 year old girl. (If you don't know the various reasons why someone would do this, then you are probably better off.)
C) A teen who doesn't realize it's bad form to put personal info in a public forum.

Anyway, on the off chance this was some nice person,
I mean, I don't know German, but Google translator
with some creative word choice/comparisons let me create this reply:
Informationen möchten frei sein.
Gefühle sind Informationen.
Gefühle lassen uns Sachen tun,
die das gleiche Gefühl in anderen verursachen.
Nicht viele Leute wählen Gefühle.
Wenn Leute freundliche Gefühle wählen,
geben sie nur Freundlichkeit.
I GUESS I should have said, "PS, don't put your phone number in your profile",
but I don't feel like sending a second message.

Yes, I'm leaving it here. Maybe it's local to someone who can call and say WTF!

Or maybe they need 113056230567 calls so they know better next time.

Or maybe I'm just conflicted.

I was stricken by curiosity because I know someone with a similar name.
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