Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Things to say to someone very much like me, but who doesn't live inside my head. Yet.

The piece of yourself that you hide, hide from, and loathe completely
is the entire source of your unworthiness.

By refusing to accept that part, you refuse to accept yourself.
It will keep making you remember and reexperience it.

Each time will be harder than the last.
You will feel more resentful, unworthy, and alone.

Accept that this piece exists and is a part of you.
Mourn for it, because it cannot mourn for itself.
Then love it, because it cannot love itself.

You have the words and tools now.
Sing its song until it has said it's peace.
Never let it be forgotten.

We are all broken, severely, with things to work out.
Anyone who has nothing to work out is either lying, ignorant, or scared.

There are barriers to working things out.
Most of them are inside us, and we fabricate reasons to not fix them.

It's always easiest when you can have a sounding board.
Who can you use for a sounding board?

Family - don't want to let them down.
Friends - Don't want them to think you're weak and worthless or needy.
Therapists - Don't want firends and family to know. Can't trust them. Most of them are also average, so how could they dig into YOUR mind successfully? They cost money. etc.
Religious leaders - Uh, yah, how can you trust what you've been disenamored from?

Look in your life and find people who meet these criteria:
A) You think that they are smarter than you, or better than you, or for some unknown reason you respect or value them.
B) You wonder why they still hang around you, but for some reason they still do.
C) You know they must have faults, but you can't think of many that matter.
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