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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Second thing for the person who is too much like me.
Josh 201604 KWP
There is a path in which you have a natural aptitude,
and in which you make things that others think are beautiful,
in order to give you enough ego to keep you afloat when you're paralyzed.

You know what this path is, but you're afraid of failing at it.
Maybe you're not good enough?

You don't have any formal training?

How could you ever convince someone to PAY you for this?

Remember, among the masses of people, you are in the top 5%.

You cannot fully believe this because you feel unworthy.
When you feel unworthy, you will only see, recall and remember
the things which feel unworthy to you.

"But I see so many problems. The world couldn't continue operating if it sucked that badly."

Yes, the world sucks that bad.

No matter how little you feel you know about something,
or how much you may fuck up trying to get it right,
you will still do equal or better than 95% of the people out there,
including those who are "educated" when you are not.

If I carry enough weight in your mind, then simply accept that *I* believe it's true,
so it *might* possibly be at least partially true.

If I don't carry that much weight, then ask someone who does.
More importantly, accept their answer, even if you cannot believe it yourself.

There is the option to ignore both of these.
They seem so simple to fix in writing,
but you know how difficult they really are.

Remaining paralyzed is more complicated than simply not choosing.
What's happenning is that, because you emotional mind has been told that part of it is unworthy,
It believes this, and try to make others see you as unworthy as you feel.

It won't work.

There are valuable pieces of yourself that are so obvious that you cannot hide them,
because you cannot see them.

It will just feel like ass until something pushes you in one direction or the other.

It's ok to keep your fears; they are part of you.
To ignore them or disregard them is also to ignore or disregard part of yourself.
Keep your fears close to you.
Remember them, and use them to help you decide your own path.

Your kid(s) will learn not what you "teach" them, but the things they see you doing.
If you confront your demons, and learn to love them, then your kids will learn this tool without having to be taught.

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I agree with pretty much all of this, especially the fears thing, and the kids learning thing. You can TELL kids things all you want, but they learn best by example. And YOU, sir, have great kids, so what's that say about you? And Erica, too.

There are definitely breaks here, but we got lucky with amazing kids. We have tremendous respect for them. They help us in so many ways, and we're grateful to them for it.

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