Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Please take these computers and UPS away

IBM Aptiva 2194-BAB with 256M ram, P3 800EB running at 533MHz, DVD burner, floppy, 80GB EIDE Maxtor, 100mbit ether, USB2 card
Gigabyte/IBM motherboard, 1 free slot, Integrated AGP - no AGP slot, Supports up to 512MB ram, Supports Win2k and below
300Watt power (Was 70 watts)
Asus CUSL2-M, 128MB (Up to 768), Celeron 533, AGP 4x or 8x slot, integrated everything
Motherboard shows overvolt on 5vdc but runs fine for long durations.
70 watts (insufficient - could swap back with aptiva)
Room for 12 drives plus a double-stack power supply.
Dell Dimension XPS R400 with 233MHz PII card installed.
Spare Celeron 533 (max supported) on slocket card included
about 128 megs of ram and 30GB hard disk
Many of the parts have been shuffled around to the wrong system.
There are parts here to have three fully functioning machines.
There are other misc parts I'm tossing in to make things complete;
however, I really don't feel like doing final assembly on these.
Everything was working when pulled.
Also included is a 3kVA 30-amp UPS which still holds a charge.
Produces a good amount of heat under load, so make sure it's not buried under wool in the back of a closet.
I'd like to sell all of this, together, as a bundle, for $150.
Has to be local pick-up.
Reply here if interested.
Tags: forsale
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