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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Please take these computers and UPS away
Josh 201604 KWP
IBM Aptiva 2194-BAB with 256M ram, P3 800EB running at 533MHz, DVD burner, floppy, 80GB EIDE Maxtor, 100mbit ether, USB2 card
Gigabyte/IBM motherboard, 1 free slot, Integrated AGP - no AGP slot, Supports up to 512MB ram, Supports Win2k and below
300Watt power (Was 70 watts)
Asus CUSL2-M, 128MB (Up to 768), Celeron 533, AGP 4x or 8x slot, integrated everything
Motherboard shows overvolt on 5vdc but runs fine for long durations.
70 watts (insufficient - could swap back with aptiva)
Room for 12 drives plus a double-stack power supply.
Dell Dimension XPS R400 with 233MHz PII card installed.
Spare Celeron 533 (max supported) on slocket card included
about 128 megs of ram and 30GB hard disk
Many of the parts have been shuffled around to the wrong system.
There are parts here to have three fully functioning machines.
There are other misc parts I'm tossing in to make things complete;
however, I really don't feel like doing final assembly on these.
Everything was working when pulled.
Also included is a 3kVA 30-amp UPS which still holds a charge.
Produces a good amount of heat under load, so make sure it's not buried under wool in the back of a closet.
I'd like to sell all of this, together, as a bundle, for $150.
Has to be local pick-up.
Reply here if interested.

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I may be interested in your offer. I live in the North Dallas area, not far from the 35/635 interchange. Could you provide the brand and model of the UPS before I make any sort of commitment? Thanks!

The brand is Powercom and the product is KingMax with a part number of KIN-3000AP.
It has:
- 5 or 6 foot cord w/ 30 amp, 120v twistlock plug.
- one 30-amp, 120V twistlock receptacle
- two 15-amp, 120v circuits (4 plugs)
- Phone line in and out.
- Serial port.
- Cover plate for some sort of upgrade option.
- Steel case with plastic front panel.

The front panel likes to come loose at the top. It came that way, but I think it's a clip inside missing or broken.

The battery definitely doesn't live up to spec; however, I got 30-45 mins 3 months ago with the following load:
- Dell P4 2.8GHz, AGP, WinXP, mostly idle, 2x 300GB disks, 1x 50gb disk
- 17" TFT display, awake.
- Oscillating fan
- Asus w/ 350 watt supply, 10x 7200RPM SCSI drives
- 17W flourescent lamp.
- DSL modem + Linksys wireless router
- Cordless phone.

It puts off a decent amount of heat and it's pretty heavy.

I might even have the receipt somewhere, but since it's out of warranty, I can't promise.

I have 10ga romex, 30 amp, 120v single phase twist lock receptacle, and a J-Box to fit if you're looking to do wiring, but you'll need your own breaker.

I live in Lake Dallas, which is I-35E just north of Lewisville Lake. I'm in town Thu-Sun.

Great! Thank you for being up-front about the UPS' condition. I'd be more than happy to take the equipment off your hands for the $150.

Please feel free to contact me privately at youshou_at_sbcglobal_dot_net so that you can detail the information I'll need for pick-up and preferred payment method. I will also be out of town for most of this upcoming week, so I think that perhaps some time next Friday (3/31) in the early afternoon or Saturday (4/1) afternoon might be the best time for me. Please let me know! Thanks!

Great! I sent you an email with my phone # and such. I'll give you directions and everything when you call Fri or Sat. We're going out for pho right now, but we'll be back by around 2:30 if you have any questions.



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