Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Questionable beef purchase

So, I made a questionable beef purchase this morning.
rib eye
small filets
Some sort of steak closely related to t-bone, but with only about a 1-2oz bone on the side
a few stacks of 93% burgers
some tenderloin+marinade stripes.

The steaks are cryovac'd and are "Midwest Style: Steakhouse Quality : Meats".

Overall, it was 45 pounds for $140 including the bone and marinade ice.
So not an amazing price, but a respectable price.

It was literally from an unnamed guy, out of the back of a truck labelled

He claims he lives "just over there". "I bought too many. My price is $140 and I normally sell them for $256 but if you help me out, I'll sell them to you for $140" sort of thing.

Since I can "get more" for that same price by calling 512-323-2500, and that he has seafood and pork boxes too, I think it's
just his schpiel. Also, we made the check out to "blank", so we'll be monitoring our checking account for a little while.
Tags: food
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