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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Josh 201604 KWP

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i had a guy that puts in floors tell me he wouldn't put hardwood in his own house. laminate all the way.

speaking of which, ive been considering doing that for a while now.

Laminate is ok. The finish is durable, but if you drop a knife on it, you stab a hole through to HDF. If you gouge it, there is no fix other than pulling up planks.

With engineered or solid, you can re-seal a scuff or scratch. They generally use aluminum oxide, a clear ceramic, pretty liberally in the polyurethane finish. It's a little more scuffable, but it looks better when gouged.

Bamboo tends to be of mixed quality, usually more on the crappy end. The fibers are too long, so WHEN it splits, you'll get long rips out of the board. Most of them, the finish is harder than the wood, so you dent it and the finish cracks, flakes off.

Solid wood tends to warp, cup, or otherwise not be stable in the long run. Maybe if I were on pier and beam, and was using 2x4 floor boards...

Engineered wood looks nice, depending on the stuff. I like Bruce's Springdale Plank, and similar ones, because the topcoats are pretty thick and endure abuse well.

What I REALLY want is engineered wood in which each layer is pressure-treated with a sealent, then laminated together. You know, the kinds of sealants they use to repair damaged/rotten wood... it sort of soaks in and plasticizes things.

Noone makes that.

Quartz tile looks nice, and durable, but slickery and expensive.

It's all crazy.

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