Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Tangent on minor freedoms

I can't have my server email a 42k text attachment to me.
It might be a virus, or spam, so it's stripped, blocked, and I'm sent a notice about it.

I also can't view header source. It's disabled, and I can't modify the menus.
I guess it might be a support problem.

I can't use another mail client. IMAP is disabled.

To get into webmail, I have to use a secureID token, even internally.

To get into the building, I have to show my badge to a guard.
To get into my floor, I have to badge in at the door.

News articles about privacy issues recently:
  • Pentagon being sued by teens for illegally maintaining information on minors
  • CIA investigating a leak of classified information, specifically, complaints about illegal prisons run by the CIA. They're not concerned about the prisons, but the fact that someone inside told about them.
We don't lose our freedom in one big chunk.
We lose it in tiny little amounts every day.

"Oh, that's nothing, just accept it."

Until eventually, we're all wearing passive RFID tags,
and being told to be good little citizens
just like everyone else.

I'm waiting for this Iran thing to turn into a reason for the president to find some way to suspend elections due to "national emergency".

Paranoia and civil unrest are important tools.

We delegate too much power.
Too little, and nothing can get done.
Too much, and we're not people anymore.
We're a resource pool.

DHS will be by soon to detain me for violations of civilian compliance.

[END: rant]
Tags: paranoia, politics, work
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