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Last night, the grill was ablaze

And it wasn't ablaze in the normal manner. I was scared for the propane. Basically, I'd put a brisket on the grill. Originally in a large pan, with foil over the top. All was well and at about 2 hours, I used the 6" wide spatula to scrape it loose and flip it over, though this time, directly onto the grill. I took the juices inside to make gravy.

Basically, I figured it would be a good way to get the other side a little crispy, and it'd be quick. I should note that I always cook at lowest heat with only half the grill on. I should have trimmed the fat.

I came back out about 40 mins later, and I saw orange flames through the rack holes of the grill. Fear set in. I tried to lift the lid, but the flames were too big and they lept for my hands. I got Erica to come see the 2 foot layer of smoke under the porch, and to get a big pan for me.

I opened up the grill with the uber-spatula... The Brisket itself was on fire, and the grill was engulfed, though the huge pool of grease on the porch wasn not on fire. Of course, I immediately turned off the gas, and scraped up the charcoal brisket. I blew it out and put it on the platter. It was metal, and the table was plastic, so I had to move the bunched up foil as an insulator.

So once extracted, I ran it inside, came out, and got the water hose. Steam galore, and I used a sprayer, so it didn't crack or warp the grill. I used some detergent and rinsed it out well, cleaning off the patio in the process.

I was a little freaked because I heard a faint, high-pitched, gurgling noise, but I chalked it up to water seeping into the dry clay at the flowerbox to the side. No smoke then, and no burnt backyard this AM, so it doesn't matter now.

When I went in the house, the grill was still slightly steaming.

The mouse is living on top of the porch also. *sigh* I fear him boring into the roof and getting into the house.

The brisket has about 2mm of carbon, then about 4mm of overcooked/burnt meat all around, but I cut it open and it's SOOOOOOOOOOOO juicy inside. We were going to give half to Dee and Jason because they just had twins about 3 weeks back (correction from EB, end of september, so a month and a half ago. Wow, we suck.), but it's scorched and non-presentable. For me though, MmmMMM. (I eat anything soooo)

I still need to check the propane level for LAN party next week, and verify I didn't damage the propane hoses.
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