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So. insufficient food intake can lead to irritability, headache, and "fogginess".
So, this is occurring to me, and my skin starts itching.
I start to panic, thinking, "oh fuck, is this diabetes or hypoglycemia?"
I search alot, and finally, I realize, duh...

When you stand around outside in TX sun for the better part of an hour...
This thing called sun-burn happens.


Though, my hands and feet are itchy, but I've been cleaning and have all sorts of dust and unknown crap on me that didn't casually wash off.

I need a shower.

And some veggies or carbohydrates.

I've had a Sonic BLT, 2 starbuxen, and 4 small chocolates (the size of peanut M&Ms), and it's 5pm.

On the flip side, the flower beds are de-leaved, the trees on the fence line are trimmed, the van is vacuumed and re-seated, the garage is slightly more tidy with more floor space than in any time over the last 2 years (about 30% open), lots of papers put away, nintendo swapped out, etc.

This as supposed to post on Thursday. Doh
Tags: food, health, stupid, work
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