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Jim Rosebery sells the Boise City News

Amarillo Globe-News: Local News: Packard: Couple sells paper, turns to new dreams 05/19/02
By Dan Packard

Jim Rosebery lived his dream.

Now it is time to move on.

Rosebery and his wife Deb have sold the Boise City News, which for 105 years has published the news of Cimarron County in the Oklahoma

Panhandle. The Roseberys acquired the newspaper from Norma Gene Young and the late Bob Young in 1983.

A story in Wednesday's edition announced the sale of the weekly paper with a circulation of about 1,600 to attorney Gene Cauley of Little Rock, Ark.

Cauley could not be reached for comment Friday.

When asked if Cauley had ever been in the newspaper business, Jim said with a chuckle, "He is now."

Jim declined to discuss terms of the sale. But he said "several things" prompted his decision.

"We've been wanting to do something different for several years," Jim said. "We tried to sell it 10 or 12 years ago but only half-heartedly."

Now that all three children have left the nest, the couple is free to try something else in a new location.

Jim said the location is still uncertain.

"I don't know for sure yet, but probably Santa Fe (N.M.)," he said. "My wife thinks she can expand her opportunities there."

Deb works in the health-care field in Boise City and has not worked at the newspaper in years, Jim said.

She practices a "technique that facilitates the body's own healing," Jim said.

Wherever they go, Jim will be looking for a job.

"I might teach again. I might go to work for a newspaper," he said.

But for now, he will remain as editor of the Boise City News until he finds his replacement, which might take months.

Jim said he is looking to hire someone who knows a little about writing, editing, paste-up, computers and countless other tasks required of a weekly editor.

The replacement also must be familiar with life in a small town and with the lifestyle and mind-set of the readers.

The job is hard, he said, but fulfilling.

"It's a little intense," Jim said.

Looking back on nearly 20 years as publisher in Boise City, he said, "It's been great. If I had it to do all over again, I'd do it all over again.

"I couldn't have done better than wind up here and raising my family here. Boise City is a unique place ... tremendous.

"It hasn't been all sweetness and light, but it's been pretty good."

Jim said he will devote his next few columns on his memories of his tenure as editor and publisher.

He said the biggest change since he took over in '83 is the advance in technology.

Today, computers rule. He remembers the days of hot-metal type.

"There was a hot-metal machine here that I used for small print jobs," he said.

Jim donated it to the Cimarron Heritage center, a Boise City museum.

Jim feels like a lucky man as he begins a new stage of his life.

"Owning my own newspaper has always been a dream for me," he said. "I realized it, and it was dead-on."

For others with a yearning to own a newspaper, two are for sale in the Texas Panhandle.

Ads in the classified section of the Texas Press Association's May bulletin show the weekly paper in Matador and the weekly paper in Wellington are on the block.

All it takes to succeed is hard work, intense dedication and, sometimes, bitter tears.

And a dream.

Dan Packard is Globe-News Regional Editor. He can be contacted at (800) 692-4052, 345-3470 or by e-mail at:

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