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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Maybe not flu?
Josh 201604 KWP

SO, I was thrown off by the achey, sore throat stuff.

Well, I got a second blister on my let hand.
and one on my left wrist
And one on my right index finger.

I might have coxsackle virus A16, the enterovirus that causes human Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.

It causes sore throat, fever, joint aches, muscle aches, and blisters on hands, feet, tongue, mouth, etc.


The neck and back soreness are the only spooky things. There's possible encephalitis concerns if this were my disease.

Luckily, I'm feeling a little better now, but the blisters suck. It says, if this is what I've got, that I could get them on my feet and on my buttocks.

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how would you get that? I hope you feel better soon, and that you don't develop any blisters on your bum. That would suck.

The Coxsackie virus group (30+ virii in 2 groups) are enterovirii - aka POOP virii. These are mostly spread by kids, but my kids don't have it (yet) so I probably got it travelling.

For this one specifically, since there are sores, the disease can spread from the sores too (not just saliva and feces).

There's a guy at the front desk of my hotel who's had some sort of sores around his right wrist, and he's started wearing an ace bandage over it. I'm starting to wonder, but I didn't get anything the first 2 weeks he was there, so I'm not sure.

More info
They can sometines infect nerves, leading to Bell's palsey, Transverse Meylitis, etc. but usually they are their own illnesses. Diseases include neonatal myocarditis, aseptic meningitis, stomatitis (mouth blisters), repiratory infection, Bornholm disease (epidemic myalgia) pericarditis and meningitis.

From the web
Viruses belong to the family Picornaviridae (pico=SMALL - RNA viruses)
These are small non-enveloped isometric viruses that multiply in the gut mucosa and are transmitted from person to person by the faecal-oral route (ingestion disease). They are spread throughout the body via the blood stream. Most infections occur during childhood, and they are usually transient but produce lifelong immunity. Clinical syndromes are generally mild, but occasional infections may cause serious disease e.g. paralytic poliomyelitis, meningitis, or myocarditis. There is a high degree of serological cross reactivity between the 72 members.

Polio 1, 2, 3
Coxsackie A 1-24
Coxsackie B 1-6
ECHO 1-34
Entero 68-71
Entero 72 (Hepatitis A)
Rhino viruses: > 120 serotypes

Other animal viruses: e.g. Foot & Mouth Disease virus


(more on enterovirii)


Aparently, this also includes the common cold. Enteroviruses are found worldwide, and humans are their only known natural host.

Here's a picture of a Coxsackie B3 virus simulation, which is slightly different from A16:

Re: (more on enterovirii)

Oh, and this is about 20-30nm across.

wow. That's a little frightening with all the possibilities. Not to mention, the whole faecal-oral route means somewhere, somehow, you had to ingest POOP! Eww. Bet you miss Erica's cooking while you're traveling, huh? I'm pretty sure her cooking is poop-free, as well as wheat and dairy-free.

Hope you get well soon. :)

Well, poop particles are everywhere. Peoples pants touch the floor, they touch their pants, etc.

Plus, saliva and pus in miniscule amounts...

It's gross, but you know, the common cold is in this same category.

Y'know, I never thought about the whole particle thingie before, let alone with those pertaining to saliva and pus too. *pause* eeeeeeeeeew!

I think I shall scrub my brain to remove the thoughts. I prefer to be an ostrich on this, and keep my head stuck in the sand. Except now, I'll be thinking about what icky stuff lurks in the sand. Oy.

Yah, the sandbox is where cats poop.

But pretty much, this is the same for the cold, the flu, meningitis, and so many other virii.

And food.

Fruits and veggies have fly semen, bird poop, etc on them and they get rinsed.

Ground meat has limits on amount of hair, rat poop, etc that can be in it and the limits are not zero.

Same for grains, and everything else.

It's all semifrightening.

Yech. I shall now embark upon a new diet, since I have completely and utterly lost my appetite. I mean, it's one thing to swallow, but for a fly? Don't think so. Ick, ick, ick!

I don't know why, you swallowed the fly....

Yikes. Get better soon.

Danke. I want to. I already missed the memorial day Johnston party in OK, but I don't want to miss travel on Monday too. If I still have any active blisters, I shouldn't travel. Still... I have 1.75 days to get to that point, which may be enough.

Maybe you should go in to the Doctor?

Only if I get lethargic, confused, or have other complications. It's a virus, so there's not much to do other than let it run its course.

Supposedly, there's alot of serum cross reactivity between enterovirii, so I would have thought that my polio vaccination as a kid would have helped against this, or having been around matt the week before he became symptomatic a couple of years ago.


Oh no, Josh! *HUG*

The neck/back soreness were what sent me to the ER and why they did my spinal. Holy god HFM sucks.

If you are like Matt and I, the blisters may run on the surface and deep. I wasn't able to walk for two days w/o big, puffy slippers, but it was a nice excuse to get waited on. ;) I did have to have two follow-up appts with a doctor to pop blisters embedded under my skin. I hope this is not the case with you, but if you feel swelling/hardening and cannot see anything, you may want to consider that possibility.

By the time the blisters come, the worst is over in the body aches, fever, etc. I got blisters on my hands first, then mouth, then feet. They were painful, but the pain part was only for a couple days and after that, like chicken pox, they scab and go away.

I hope you feel better SOOOOOON. May the force be with you.

Also, I found that cold compresses made the blisters feel much better than warm compresses or baths. I dunno, why, nor if it's the "right" way to treat them, but it's how I found relief.

Yah. WHat hurts with the blisters is that they're between the dermis and epidermis, so it separates the layers. If I lance the blisters and keep them anointed, they don't hurt as much, but I keep getting more.

And yah, the worst body symptoms alleviated and that day the blisters came. I'm still a little achey, and mostly just really sensitive. For example, Max crawled over me in bed and my ankle felt like he beat me with a hammer.

It all started with a sore neck too. I thought I'd gotten a crick, but nooOOO... It was symptom one.

My muscle soreness is helped with mild stretching.

The sore throat is still bothering me.

The blisters are two types. One is a single vesicle, fairly deep. If I push it from the sides, I see the red dot of the center of it. I can stretch the skin enough to get at it without seriously wounding myself.

The second type is a cluster of small vesicles, with the interstitial tissue seeminly macerated. It's very similar to a cold sore, which makes sens -- it's familially related.

I'm just glad I'm not as run down as I was Thursday, but I still have low energy. Appetite is back though.

My sore throat went on for some time and I realized many blisters formed in there as well. Food was hard to eat at that point despite my appetite b/c of the pain. Again, cold, soft food was my choice.

You blisters sound like mine were. Fascinating little boogers if hey didn't hurt so much!

I read adults suffer more than children when they get HFM disease and that sometimes the only symptoms in children is the fatigue and then the blisters. I'm not sure where I read that, but I've seen two kiddos with it (kid #1 gave it to me) and it seems accurate. Kids are great at passing it if they don't wash their hands after a poop. :)

Where do you think you got it? Were you at Khai's b-day party?

Probably in travels. The kids don't have it at all, thought the week before they had coughs.

I've emailed the people at Khai's party to be on the lookout, since it's *possible* I might have been carrier at that point.

There are 4 bathrooms, 3 counters, 2 airplanes, 4 security tubs and 1 public chair I've come in contact with, as well as a handfull of random people. Might have been Fry's, either airport, or the hotel.

The guy at the hotel front counter had sores on his wrist, but not on his hands. He'd had them for 2+ weeks, and covered them up last week. Shouldn't be this if it was that long, but if he's diabetic, his healing might be slow.

His name was Colin and he pronounced it colon. His last name was Bean. Both have fecaliscious connotations.

(Deleted comment)
Yah, fecalicious (or however such a coined word should be spelled, is the most awesome evil nastiness evar.

Yeah, and I am now in the habit of making "-licious" words. Too bad "fecalicious" almost slipped at Shea's when referring to her child. Yeah, we were talking about their little hands and feet and I was attempting to say "feetilicious" because she was all kissy on them. Then, as it was hitting my lips, I realized A) thats weird and B) it might sound like "fetal-icious." In a panic, "fecalicious" almost came out. THANK THE STARS what ended up happening was a bunch of garbled sounds came out and we had a good laugh. I claimed the babies were so cute there were just "no words."

Haha.. Foetalicious. Reminds me of bad jokes about truckloads and floats.

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