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Josh-D. S. Davis

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7 of the 8 Fry Street buildings to be razed and "upscaled" by Real Estate Investment Trust
Josh 201604 KWP
There sure will be room for the local flavor as far as other people who want to come into Denton for their first location,” he said, adding that a CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens could serve the students and residents, as could a local restaurant next door, a Starbucks or a new bookstore like Borders.

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Wow.. just.. wow.
Fry St. means alot to me personally as well... This is making me cry.
I have a couple of friends who street vend/make their living down there... and Chopsticks is my fav. place in the world to eat some Pad Thai. I drive up there every time I am home just to get some.
I spent every night down there in school. I wonder what the outcome will be.. and if the protesting will do any good.

Money and progress will prevail.
Protesting won't help much.
Rent will be too expensive for most of the shops to come back after rebuild.
Many people will like it, especially new students.
It will be good economically.

Change is always tough. It's doubly tough because of the number of people who have experienced Fry street, being such a focal in a college town.

It's wierd though. The Tomato seemed like such a good hang-out. The bars, for those who like small bars and beer, were just right. Etc. It'll be a whole different place.

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