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So, constructing a shelter would be expensive unless it's a cheapo prefab tent.

I've been trying to find bulk fluted/extruded plastic and aluminum, but the few places that have pricing are pretty expensive. GE has a plastic shop in Coppell, but their site is SO fancy that it doesn't work in IE or Mozilla engines. Western Extrusions is in Carrollton, on Sandy Lake. I used to drive by them all the time. It's aluminum only and no info on pricing online. Plus, aluminum = sharp edges = death, and cutting it would be difficult. I'd probably have to get a jig saw.

Making my own pipe dome would be a PITA, but out of aluminum, it would be pretty light. But then, I'd have to steal a parachute. :)

AND, despite what anyone in "the industry" says, "corrugated" is NOT a noun and is insufficient in detail to adequately describe a product.

It's corrugated cardboard, or corrugated fibreboard, or corrugated kraft paper, or whatever.

Corrugated is an adjective.

You can have corrugated plastic too.

Corrugation is a way of creating a fluted sheet by having a sinusoidal sheet sandwiched between two flat sheets.

But, I'm tired of talking about this sheet.
Plastiweb Modern Plastics
PlastiDip for safety on the fort ends.
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