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Josh-D. S. Davis

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We're getting a new AC unit for our house.
Josh 201604 KWP
Out with the old
It's been problematic for a while, but it's time to move on. The compressor is running hot and high pressure. The guy cleaned the coils and bled off pressure, but couldn't get it to with norm. The compressor's been vibrating more than last year, which might be a sign.

In with the new
We're going with a heat pump. It's 13% more expensive to buy, but it's 30-40% more efficient to heat in the winter (in TX anyway).

Expense and offsets
I wanted 15-SEER or better for IRS tax credits. For a Trane, that's R-22 and $8800. For Carrier, that's SEER-16, two-stage compressor, very high efficiency, $10k. That's way more than I'm prepared to pay.

14 SEER Carrier is the first model we get to move away from R-22 to Puron. Our new system gets installed Saturday and will cost us $6300ish.

Unfortunately, our home warrantly limits at $1k for AC. WTF?!?!? So dropping TX Home Shield for GMAC's bundled/preferred TotalProtect was a bad idea. No tax credit, but it's energy star, so maybe a TXU credit.

I'm hoping for a decent bonus this quarter (payout in July) to help offset more of this cost.

Our old unit WAS 6-SEER. It is 30 years old. At 20 years, efficiency should be about 50% of new. It's heat-strip, not heat pump, which means more waste energy in the winter too.

When I looked at the meter, the AC uses 20x the current as the entire rest of our house. I didn't even check the heater, but it'd be more. The new system should use about 9 amps vs 25 amps, and should use the same amount to heat as to cool.

May15-June15 was 2982 KWH at $459 before average billing adjustments. Power rates went up, as well as this was our second highest utilization ever.

We should save about $1k in electriciy by year's end, minus a little for average billing payouts. Overall, this should cut our yearly electric by at least 50%.

It's variable speed blower, so it's feasible it mightbe upgradable to dual zone later with a diverter, different thermostat, and some labor.
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"No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air." -Azrael from Dogma

The money you save on your electric bill will pay for the cost of the unit...eventually. Heat pumps have been much-touted in Phoenix because of their efficiency, so if it's good enough for one of the hottest major metropolitan areas, it should be good enough for Dallas. :D

Yup. Probably work better in Dallas due to being lower altitude and higher humidity.

Under 15 degrees outside and it'll use aux heat (ie, regular heat coils), but that's pretty rare.

Should save me at least $1k this year, maybe more. I think it'll take 3-4 years for it to pay for itself completely.

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