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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Brain failure
Josh 201604 KWP
I just misread this import as saying 18 million kilograms of data.

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Heh...must be those new "heavy" bits.

I mapped out a few weeks ago how many moles of electrons were in a kilogram. *grin*

Woah, that's a *serious* misinterpretation. You should have your head examined, prodded, flopped and bargled.

No no.

It was silly misinterpretation.

I mean, could you imagine 18gigagrams of data? Assume 10 electrons per bit and we're talking something like the capacitance of the Earth.

Yeah...then give a a full charge and leave it on the desk for some unsuspecting undergrad student! *ZOT*

Err, wait...that was my physics professor in college. Of course, the loudmouth know-it-all (not me...I'm a quiet know-it-all) never touched anything on the professor's desk again. :D

I wonder if that would work on a bad blind date...

It might...but there are safer ways to get a frisky guy to keep his hands to himself, like a swift knee to the groin (not that I've ever put my hands where they were uninvited, but I'm pretty sure that a knee to the yamsack would get me to back off). Or you could just keep a cattle prod in your purse. :D

I wonder how big cattle prods are.. I have a tiny tiny purse. I've always thought it was unsporting to knee a guy in the goods. I've only done it once, and I was about 15 at the time. He wiggled and screeched. A lot. 0:)

cattle prod is nice. It's not regulated like a stun gun, and it hurts like a charged cap, but it requires you to push a button to set it off...

Nah, too likely to zap yourself, but in Snow Crash, there was a really interesting chastity "device"...

snow crash? Chastity "device"? O.o

Snow Crash = book by Neal Stephenson.
Chastity device was...
Penis inserted
Syringe injects penis with paralytic and narcotic
Man falls off.

well... interesting concept. Must check that book out.

Yah, 330v 3700uf caps are nice for that.

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