Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Dream about a western style colony in central TX

I was in a colony somewhere in TS, south of DFW. The colony was pretty big. They were good to their workers and even built an amusement park. Some of them worked it, but all of them played in it. It was amazing. Slides and roller coasters and trains were the transportation within the park, not just the rides. Fountains, fruit stands, lots of visitors, but not overwhelming.

If you didn't pre-buy colony tickets and colony money, then ccard costs for train tickets were $4 rather than $2. They didn't really track tickets, because they could remember if you bought one or not.

The park closed at 4pm. There were no maps.

Everything was wood, and there wasn't much in the way of electricity outside of the fountain pumps, rides, etc. There wasn't even a noticible hum.

I had a place to stay there. It wasn't the tiny, skinny room, it was the normal sized one, but I had to pull the bed parts out from under the desk after it was cleaned every day.

The visual imagery, the dust, the smells, the people, both visitors and workers, were all so vivid. I had conversations with Erica, the colony heads, the colonials, the visitors, and a past coworker named John R.

It was a pretty neat dream, and lasted for several iterations, which was probably a whopping 5 seconds, but still, in dream time, it was a few days long.
Tags: colony, dreams, people, tx
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