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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
My Favorite Socks.
Our Phone, with multple handsets, monitor-mode (for kids) and intercom mode (ie, calling another room). The speakerphone in each handset works well, and you can sync up phone books among all of the handsets.

The best dystopia novel I've ever read This Perfect Day, by Ira Levin. Beats out Brave New World, and the movie THX 1138.

Panasonic, Lumix Z1, our new cameras. All the normal features, a good grip, still pocketable (for me anyway), big screen, 640x480 movies 10x OPTICAL zoom, SD memory (large capacity available), built in memory (for a couple shots when you forgot to pull the memory out of your reader), and a replacable LiION Battery.

The BEST part is that, even with autofocus delays, in wierd lighting, I can turn on the camera and snap a shot in less than one second.

The minuses are small, but worth documenting. A) The thumb-wheel for mode setting is easy to freewheel. When I pull it from my pocket, I always have to re-set the mode. B) No add-on/replacable lenses (but the glass is big and clear so no need except for super-pro. C) The battery is a little small, and proprietary. If you use flash, the battery life is short. If you're in moderate or better light, then turn off the flash, and set LCD power-save mode and you're set. D) The power cable is proprietary, and it doesn't come with a DC cable. You have to use an external wall-wart with a socket for the battery (included, but inconvenient). E) The data cable is proprietary to USB. If you lose it, it's going to be expensive to replace. On the flip side, it uses SD memory, and my laptop has a built-in reader.

It seems like alot of text for the problems, but really, it doesn't affect me daily, so I'm happy.

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We have those phones ... only the flip cell phone looking ones.
L.O.V.E them.
It makes watching movies in the basement while Z's sleeping
stress free and a bit more relaxing as we can check in on her.
And Z learned how to use the intercom in less than a day.
A year later and we're still very happy with them :)

And I now have a new book for my list of books I need.

We're pretty happy with the phones too, especially after having gone through several, inferior brands.

We dont have the supernice ones like you do, but we've got some lower-end unidens, they seem to make prettystable reliable phones for cheap.

man, i love visions of dystopia, but i'm gonna have a hard time coughing up 20 bucks for an out of print book to find out if this tickles my fancy. i'm guessing you'll suggest it's worth that, though..

ah! my library has it! score!

Awesome. Yah, because I SERIOUSLY have considered scanning and printing, or SOMETHING to duplicate the book because I found it to be really good. Huxley gets alot of popularity for obvious reasons, but this book really reads better.

i like huxley's writing style, but i didn't find BNW to be one of his better ones. i liked "island" a whole lot, though!

frankly i prefer modern visions of dystopia overall--gibson et al. but it's nice to know one's roots =)

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