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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Midlets needed
Josh 201604 KWP
Does anyone know of a MIDP application which can back-up apps and data (aka addressbook) to flash?

It seems silly that my cellphone won't back itself up to the flash slot.

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(Deleted comment)
Netbeans with the mobility package. Eclipse J2EE. Ant.

Lots of info on sun and google.

Addressbook is in the "contacts" database.

The applet has no access to filesystem, so all of its resources need to be in its jarfile.

Nokia limits JARfiles to 300k when downloaded, but my phone seems to not care and has about 18 megs free.

(Deleted comment)
There's something sexy about sending it via email, but then restore becomes an issue. I suppose this means I need to sort out how to set up http put + security on a dir by dir basis.

Flash, no.

But, if you don't mind someone else holding it for you, check out ScheduleWorld and Funambol.


Funambol is confusing. Lots of little packages, different acronyms without immediate explaination. It also looks like it's for Windows CE only. I'll have to poke at it more.

ScheduleWorld won't let me sign up. The Captcha image is a broken link.

I broke down and ordered a sync cable... again... for my phone. We'll see if it arrives and if it's actually for my phone.

Perhaps it is confusing. I managed to get it to work on the first shot though, so it can't be that bad. Unless, of course, I'm just really lucky.

I thought Funambol was MIDP. If not, try Sync4J along with ScheduleWorld. I've never used it, but I hear it's just as easy.

ScheduleWorld may have been having a bad day. I'm not sure.

No, not lucky, you just have an innate ability with all of the technologies that I can't get into.

I ordered a sync cable, so I may just use that, especially since it'll charge my phone.

(Deleted comment)
I use Funambol multiple times a day. If it is commercial they haven't made a penny from me and have never asked for any money whatsoever and have never spammed me with anything at all.

ScheduleWorld sucks. Hell, as far as SyncML clients go, Funambol sucks. But, the combination of these two is the best combination I've found so far using pre-existing and free software. Plus, ScheduleWorld syncs up with Google Calendar so, even if I am using ScheduleWorld, it's really only a backup. Google Calendar and my Windows Mobile device are the only two things I actually see. If I want to edit my contacts on a computer screen I'll log in to ScheduleWorld... but that's very rare.

(Deleted comment)
On current phones, you can just download the JAR file from the browser in your phone. For older phones (MIDP-1.0) you'll need a JAD (Java Archive Descriptor?) file.

There are also emulators for many phones, as well as J2ME emulators for many of the dev environments so you can test/run/verify.


The Mobile Information Device Profile and MIDlets
Part 1:
Parts 2-5 just increment the index number.

Jonathan Knudsen has many good links: http://home.sprynet.com/~jknudsen/

(Deleted comment)

Re: AJ2ME in a nutshell

Ooo. Could you toss the nutshell book up somewhere? I only did cursory looks, and broke down and ordered a $4.20 copy.

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