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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Voice Post: How do you figure out how things work?
Josh 2014
80K 0:27
“So... how do you figure out... how things work? Do you.... read the instructions? Do you .... ask somebody else? Do you ... take it apart? Or some other way?

Post your response. Talk amongst yourselves. (Editors Note : He's fuhklempt)”

Transcribed by: crackmonkey

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(Deleted comment)
Roll back to 1978. Imagine small boy inserting a twistie into the hot side of a 2-prong electric socket on the first try.

Roll forward to 1985. Imagine same boy being told that the way to stop the lawnmower is to use a tire-iron to short the sparkplug to the body, but not being told to touch the body of the mower first, nor to wrap the metal with something nonconductive.

1986, tossed 9v up onto my cabinet. It made contact with a ball of steel wool. Pretty red lines.

Roll forward to 1989. Imagine same boy stripping phone wire... with his teeth. After realizing this is a bad idea from the strange, not quite comfortable vibration it induces, imagine same boy stripping phone wire by hand when the phone rings, and realizing this feels exactly the same as the lawn-mower.

Roll forward to 1992. Imagine really tall boy flopping down on the bed, barefoot, and having toes perfectly straddle a 2-prong socket which, at the time, was missing its coverplate.

2000, furby on the grill. Oh, hey, DO NOT DISPOSE OF BATTERIES IN FIRE. I'm just saying.

SO, yah. I now own some 10" electrician's screwdrivers. The tips are magnetic, and the rest is molded, high-resistance plastic (1200v or better). I know to wrap metal objects with the back of my hand before touching, since if it's live, it'll force my arm to pull AWAY. I fear electricity and tend to be really cautious with things.

(Deleted comment)
I usually do it in the following order:

1. Push all available buttons
2. If the thing has no buttons, quickly lose interest
3. Push more buttons and wiggle things
4. Figure out how to take the thing apart but don't actually do it
5. Reluctantly read instructions
6. Try again
7. Take the thing apart anyway because of overwhelming curiosity
8. Inadvertently break thing
9. Forced to reall learn how the thing works to repair it
10. Live happily with a functional thing and superior operating knowledge


or leanr how to live without said thing.

ACK!?!?! Blasphemy.

Before choosing that rout must include "angry destruction of useless item"

I usually skim through the instructions to get a basic understanding for the way the creators set up the menus/options/features/whatever, then I dive in head first and play with every menu/option/feature it has until I understand it completely (or as close to completely as I can).

If it's something that doesn't have a lot of menus, options, or features and would require taking apart, I just give it to Sam. That's so not my thing.

All of the above. Read the instructions FIRST, then play around with it and refer back to the instructions for more details. Ask people, look on Teh Intarweb, and eventually I'll disassemble it.

If you have to read the manual to use it, it's improperly designed. :)

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