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random notes (corrected line 6 of airplane from "on" to "Om"

Sometime in 2006:
Steam in bright sunlight & low pressure is a stream of tiny droplets of water, flowing away and instantly condensing.

2006-09-01 (on an airplane):
Forgive those who have wronged you through accident or ignorance.
Avoid those who have done so through willfulness or due to unwillingness to not do so again.
Avoid those who are unwilling to be accountable for their mistakes.
Be accountable for your own actions and results even if you don't want to or don't see them as mistakes.
Every event is a lesson
Om is another way of saying "one" or "holy spirit"
If you can truly identify or understand something, then it means you have some small part of that something inside yourself.
All imperfections exist.
accept the existence of all things.
We are all imperfect in several ways.
Accept that you may not fully understand *anything*.
We will never fully understand our imperfections.
Accept differences in understanding.
God is one. Allah is one. Om is one. We are all a part of "one".
Redefine concepts and words so as to understand and.... (lost text)
Be not afraid to apologize, even when you did nothing wrong.
Love *is* all you need.
Be a little crazy.
Smile at craziness.
Accept others' personal truth, even if you disagree with it.
To love God is to love yourself and your neighbor too.
Find definitions that hold true for seemingly different truths.
It is ok to fail when trying hard.
Do not be challenged by or fearful of others' differences, different truths, or failure to understand or believe in your personal truths.
Beware of desparation.
Your beliefs, no matter how hard you try, will always be unique to you. This is OK.
"Sorry" is not an apology. It is self deprication when faced with potential disapproval. Use the words "I apologize" when apologizing.
Love is forever. Lust is for now. Have a little of both, but don't be consumed entirely by anything that compromises growth and development of self.
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