Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Computers suck.

Dear Firefox development,
It is not acceptable that my browser will magically crash just by submitting a FORM with method of POST. I would report this to you, but why bother? I reported that your handling of plugins can chew 100% CPU if there is any sort of network lag in loading media. You said it wasn't your problem, it was the plugins. You know, all of them. You also consistently fail to render pages properly. Historically, you say that it's not your fault. You're following process and rendering them properly would violate protocol.

Well fuck you.

I don't give a shit if it's the RIGHT way if you consistently fail to operate. You can make the most beautiful code in the universe, but if it's crap, or fails to meet the basic purpose for the code, then what is the purpose of anyone using the code?

Oh, and when I submit a bug, you can only bitch about it being a duplicate, OR being closed, but you can't bitch at me for closing it when you tell me it's a duplicate and YOU close it, then further refuse to explain what I could have done better.

You are unfit to develop software and unfit to interact with humans of any intellect level.

Just go away and die so someone else can try not to waste my time.

Dear Microsoft,
Your new browser is non-intuitive. This is a problem. Clean interface is nice, but your icons are nondescript. I shouldn't have to review and memorize the menus just to use the product. Granted, your browser renders more pages, and mostly works ok, it's still inflexible to the point of having to be insecure in order to be usable.

Apple will crush you.

You know, competing in the same market for low-end computer technology, apple's OS is better. It took 15 years to get BSD to be acceptable to most desktop users, and price is still a little high, but it's close now.

And your office 2007 is CRAP. I tried the beta. The interface might as well just be 27 individual pixels to click on. How about doing really well the top 85% of time spent and leave all the extra crap aside?
Tags: computers, evil
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