Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
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For Xmas, I got a Kovocas Syphon bottle. Marketed in the Czech Republic by Merkuria (Praha, CZ) and in the US by ACC (unk distributor). It's designed to make/handle one litre of seltzer.

This is a heavy glass bottle with stainless/aluminum mesh, rubber base, and a seltzer head. In the photo below, it looks like the one on the right:

It is dated 1982, so it's obviously used. Being supergeek, I'm dismantling, decrusting, and otherwise refurbishing it to usable state. Overall it's in pretty good shape.

The threaded collar screw and admission valve gasket are both in bad shape. The collar screw was seized and I tore it up a little during removal. The gasket and its replacement are both semiliquid. is the only place I was able to find repair/replacement parts.

So, no use of it for NYE, but in 1-2 weeks I should have a happy bottle with chargers and gasket.
Tags: cool, gift, holiday
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