Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Flight Delays

Not really so much because of ice...

Morning call at 4:15am. Your flight is still on schedule for 7:15am departure.

To the office, picked up Murphy. Head to the airport.

We arrive, a little close to the cut off. Roads were slow and I'm not an AM person.

So we get to the kiosk, pick new seats, and BLIP! We're kicked out. We go back in and it's gate restricted.

The guy can't help us because someone else is being helped. We go to the line and wait. One of the self-service techs catches our eye, gets the scoop, points us to the "Elite Access" lady who's helping others with similar problems.

So, we get on. We were bumped because we selected seats which were taken just before we clicked ok. Doh. We're in row 23, but at least we have an empty middle seat.

So, we board, are all settled in, and a few mins later we taxi out to a deicing station.

Spray, spray, spray, BEEEERRRRWWWWWWWW. Power down.

Aparently, the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) shut down when the PTA (Unk, but maybe Power Transfer Assembly?) sucked in deicer fluid that was blown by wind.

Ok, so it sort of concerns me that these things aren't better sealed. I know it's high pressure, hot steamy goodness, but 530mph into hard, icy winds could put some force into water.

Anyway. We sit for a good while on the ground, waiting for power and a blower.

We're restarted and they go through selfcheck. Hrm. Funny. When they extended the flaps, it looked like the final separation was caught up.

We wait. We wait. BING! We're going back to the gate because a light on the flaps won't go out.

SO, some passengers deplaned for new flights. Some are SoL for the day. We're "flight protected" so we're still sitting on the plane.

We won't depart until after 9am. says we're delayed by the flight control tower. HAHA *points* *points back* THBBT! NOT MY FAULT! YES IT IS!

It's 9:12. Our departure time was 7:15. Our connection was at 9:15 at IAH but there are others every 4 hours to BPT. But still. I hope there are seats.

And, Erica pointed out that the flight number is Pi. "Coincidence? I think not". My room was Pi last week, and also in Amarillo on the way back from Xmas in NM and CO.

ok, we're topping off the tanks (9:18) and in 5 mins we'll close up again for another attempt.


Continental. We try harder.

PS, the captain called it the "Continuing saga" hehe.
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