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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Max's surgerizations
Josh 201604 KWP
Max had his inguinal hernia surgery today.

Too early in the morning, and not enough food, for all.

Max is doing well. Complete success

His incision is about 3cm and has a line of purple (iodine color, not betadine color) on the incision itself, with a clear bubble of incision glue over it.

He can take a bath tomorrow night.

He's still not got full strength back in his legs (epidural), but hasn't yet begun to really feel the hurt of his hernia surgery.

He's still not tolerating food, but handles water fine.

He's mobile, but forgets his leg don't fully work, so he's on the floor with Gram doing markers. :)

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Aww, I'm glad he's okay.

*big hugs to the max man*

*and his parents*

good thoughts for Max and for you guys as well. I went through an eye surgery ordeal with Christian when he was a little younger than Max. It was tough because he didn't really understand what it was all about, but luckily he didn't carry the memory with him later either.

Last night I rolled my ankle and now he's taking care of me. This parent thing really pays off! :)

Yah, Max is impervious to this surgery. We keep having to tell him to stop running.

"Does it hurt?"

"Only if I push on it or lay on it."

glad to hear he came through it well. :)

Give him a big squishy hug for me ... glad to hear all is well!

I am so pleased to hear it all went well. I hope you and Erica are doing ok too! The whole gang gets love and comfort sent from my way!


I'm glad he's feeling alright.
I hope today goes good as well.
Hugs to him AND the Mom and Dad.

Amazingly enough, he is completely unphased. :)
I hope you guys are having a good week.

We're watching Slaughterhouse Five, and had barbecued sausage today.

Though, the boys finished up Star Wars EP4-6 and liked them all. Time for EP1-3. :)

Glad to hear his surgery went well.

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