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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Max's Germ creation
Josh 201604 KWP
Square, bulgy, rounded cornders, rumples on his skin.
He just sort of floats around.
One arm on his head to grab food and chemicals.
If there's too much around him, then more arms come out of his mouth.
Once he gets them in his mouth, he mixes them with other chemicals to break them down and turn them into other chemicals.
Once it doesn't taste very good anymore, he rinsed it into his body and turns it into more energy.
Other germs can connect to him and he has an energy pump that they can get energy from.

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I swear that kid's gonna find the cure for cancer or something.
Max talks about science, and even makes it cute!

My eight year old? She's talking about fashion, and jobs, and stuff.

My three year old? She talks about spiders. And horses.

Not a science word in their vocab.

They are sponges, and I tend to babble about science stuff. Luckily, Erica shows them great patience, creativity, and recycling. Their school teaches them about peace and environment and friendship.

They say all sorts of really cool things, not just science. Each person will have their own special talents. Fashion and jobs can be valuable things. So can spiders and horses. Wikipedia and Google can help them find out more about their favorite things. ;)

(I'm not an Internet addict, really!)

I know. I'm just amazed by some of the things Max says. He's quite a character.

I'm currently fighting to try to keep Laura an individual, as all her little peers are all about fashion and boys and conformity. =/ Getting it through to her that she can be an individual and still be liked is a chore.

Aye. Something about environment overriding words. *sigh*

Have you seen "Mean Girls"?

Yes indeed. Rather unsettling. I heard of a research thing done that involved people shocking a guy with a bad heart just because "they were told to" and "weren't going to be held responsible". Of course, they weren't REALLY shocking him, but they thought they were.

Things people will do to others, that they think is okay... I hope I'm able to keep my kids from being mean to others. I punish Laura for saying mean things, both to Megan, and to others.

do you let him watch south park by any chance?

No way. I don't want him saying "GOD DAMN! That's a big fat ASS!" or "shut up, fartwad" until a much later date.

He also hasn't designed anything with Patrick Duffy for a leg. :)

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