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Between top and second-from-top thoracic is the most debilitating pain I've experienced in the last couple of years. Luckily, it started AFTER we dropped off the Saturn.

Saturn was finished SAME DAY! WOOT. Unfortunately, we shelled out just under $1k. $120 for the new fan assembly, plus $180 labor. Plus $224 to replace a leaking transaxle seal. Plus $350 for 90k service (brakes, fuel injector service, engine and passenger air filters, oil, fluids, rotate, balance).

On the bright side...

I was looking for somewhere to do the Saturn headliner. I couldn't find any nearby (ie, less than 30 miles away) Auto interior places. The ones I did find were specialty custom mod places.

But google pointed me to Auto Headliners Express. I have an appt for a week from Thursday. The guy will come to our house and spend about 1.5 hours, charge about $135 (plus whatever tax). Granted, the backer board is still in good shape, so he can just scrape it, roll on the new foamed-fabric, and we're set. Still. That's pretty cool.

The drawback is that the visors also need to be re-done, and that's a stitch job or a replacement. I guess I could order them from Saturn. Hopefully not more than $60 ea.

Erica and I had some discussions about communication issues.

Khai has conjunctivitis and hates the new eye drops.

Max is nearly immune to the fact that he had surgery on Friday. Seriously. Even same-day, his pain level didn't exceed 5. Next day, all the pain meds worn off, no tylenol even. His lefticle is still a little swolen, and has a line of bruise where the hydrocele was before, but it's less purple than before, and less swolen, and no pain.

Erica came down with the 24 hour flu midday. She's got a sore throat, aches, low appetite, etc. I let her suffer quietly on the sofa and took care of cleaning the kitchen, making supper, feeding the kids, cleaning up after. I helped with bath-time yesterday and today, and got them ready for bed mostly. Tonight, Khai zonked out, and Max and I discussed bacteria rather than a Susan Swan Superhero Story.
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