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Hehe. So. The stock market came up from the last drop, but is falling again. I think the unsteadiness will panic many investors, and they'll sell out at a loss, to "cut their losses".

This makes me happy because I tend to have huge tax returns. I'll get mine at the end of the week, though I may have to file an amended return later. Also, it's about time for the company match to SIMPLE-IRA, which will be 3% of my base pay for last year. Also, 1Q bonus should come out on April 15.

SO, let it bottom out, 5 or 10%. It just puts me that much ahead. The key is buying companies that aren't going away.

Now, if it dives more than 15%, I think this could be a destabilizing force for the world economy. Stock up on gold boullion and long-term food/water reserves.

Here's the historical reference chart for the Dow:

Just to note, notice how sept 11 happenned AFTER things started to level off.
Tags: cascade, chain-reaction, economy, money
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