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Also tired of..

I'm also tired of Debian.

I mean, mail works for 2 weeks, and then just stops.

I get errors all the time.

There's not a default, working config for anything other than simple, basic mail. If you want SSL, that's all sorts of custom shit that is unmaintainable through upgrades.

Same for spam and virus scanning.

I'm tired of shit not working. Always. This is aged, antiquated technology. There is no valid reason for it to be complicated and require constant maintenance just to operate. I'm not even talking about adding new features. I'm talking about just normal, daily operations.

Even if it is my config, or whatever, I can't just uninstall and reinstall. You can't uninstall the MTA on Debian. And then, there's all these stray config files that will be left around, even after --purge.

There's no easy solution though. It's no easier anywhere.

I'm just tired of wasting time on this.
Tags: computers, linux, spam, stupid, virus
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