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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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We just ordered a kitchen.
Josh 201604 KWP
We picked Lowes, because they are cleaner feeling than Home Depot, and more responsive than direct general contractors.

For the cabinets, chose Kraft Maid brand, Lynchburg style (Cherry wood, mission style), with Honey Spice finish. They don't have the exact cabinet online, but they look like this:

For the floor, 16" Rialto Beige tile, without the accents in this photo:

LG HiMacs brand, Lattetude style countertop, bullnose edge:

With integrated sink:

Whirlpool over the range microwave:

We're going to get an over-table light with a separate switch rather than the corner light hangy bit we have now. We haven't picked a fixture yet, but that's easy to add.

We'll do baseboard, backsplash and paint ourselves too, because it's pretty easy.

We'll have the rough work-up late tomorrow, and we'll refine and tweak from there.

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those colors all work really well together!

hey I did the MS150! it's over yay

yAy! I saw yer post. I hope you're getting rehydrated and remineralized, and that your skin will grow back where you chafed.

I hear some people slather vaseline between their legs to reduce riding friction. Sounds vile, but effective.

they make different things called BUTT BUTTER and CHAMOISE BUTTER ;D


Congrats. I bet erica is ecstatic!

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