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Josh-Daniel S. Davis


So, we order a gift for crackmonkey's birthday.

AFTER checkout, but on the receipt page, they said, "LO! BEHOLD! We are changing order systems. Your order will not ship until the 23rd."

FRACK! His borkday was the 19th.

So, we call, they're nice about it and let us cancel the order.

There are only 4 vendors we could find for this gift, so we try another one.

We order it, rush shipping of course, and it says "woot, we got your order, we lub yew".

Aight. So we figure, all is well, right? I mean, this place is in LA, so maybe he'll get his gift Moon-day, or Two's day?


I just got an email that says, "We suck donkey anus and are 'moving to a larger facility to better serve you'. In the meantime, your order won't ship for another 2-3 days."

Ok, WTF.

So, Matt, you might get your present. I'm glad it's not a defibrillator, or nitrites for a bad heart.

Speaking of, Erica's Mother's Day present is STILL scheduled to ship on the 23rd. At least I was notified of this pretty early, but I really hate back-order. I barely plan to fit things into a vague sense of currency as it is.

"Hi, here's your birthday present from 1997. It just arrived."
Tags: buy, matt, shipping, slow
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