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Silly, Stupid me.

I feel in the back of my throat what FEELS like fingernail clippings stabbing me. I don't need pain-meds as much either.

I reached back, and it's a couple of thin lines of scab which are hanging loose.


Also, I've been using damp cotton swabs to clean out my nose. Well, on my right nostril, there's a dangly bit I just haven't been able to get. I was tugging on it and it made the left side a little tender too... but I thought I was just being silly.

No no, after a day of inspection, and now that it's thoroughly rinsed of nose-pus, it IS truly a small knot of clear plastic.

Yes, I have a nose stitch, and I have been tugging on it.

I'm a retard.

But he didn't SAY I'd have stitches. *sigh*

It's all I can do to keep from snipping it and pulling it out now, but I *KNOW* I shouldn't... on the chance that max smacks me good in the nose, I don't want a perforated septum. We want no "ations" of my septum.
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