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So, you know how, when you're lying on your back in bed, and want to scoot over, you'll put your knees up, lift your booty, and swing it to the side?

Well, I can just BARELY do that, and this is a major improvement over yesterday.

Right now, I'm at 2 days of being in bed. I'm trying to stretch as much as possible, but I still am getting the additional soreness and stiffness from being in bed too much.

Kava Kava helps just a tiny bit, as do tylenol and advil, but this morning I did stretches and exercises, THEN went to the bathroom, and I've been in pretty serious pain since.

I broke down and took a leftover hydrocodone 7.5 an hour and a half ago. It helps tremendously. I feel a burn where I felt radiating pain before. I'm trying to be sensitive to the pain, but also I want to move around more to help keep from stiffening up.

About 30 mins ago I stood, with the help of my trusty walking stick, and tried to move around a little.

I think in about an hour I'm going to see if I can hoist myself to the shower. It looks like I can handle about 2.5-3 mins of not being in bed before my back starts really hurting.

This all started on Wednesday. We bought 4 sheets of 3/4" OSB and 2 sheets of 1/2" gypsum board. Loading one of the sheets into the van, I moves just a tiny bit wrong and very slightly pulled something.

I was going to take it easy, but we were worried Wed night that it might rain, so we moved the panels into the garage. I had to heft/hoist some by myself due to space constraints.

On Thursday, I was a little stiff, but OK, until I started picking weeds out of a flowerbed. Aparently, something slipped out. I walked into the house, went to wash hands, but I couldn't completely stand upright. I tried to stretch it a little, and I was brought to my knees. I had to crawl, sideways, in supreme pain, in order to make it to the bedroom. I couldn't lift my legs up onto the bed; I had to drag myself up.

So, I'm better, but at this rate, I don't know that I'll be able to travel on Monday. :/
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