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I like when governments think they should get involved with civic affairs.

An acclaimed author was knighted recently. He has published 13 or 14 books, many of which have won awards.

But, one of them portrayed the religion of his childhood in less than ideal light.

So, religious leaders basically put out a contract on his head.

The guy stayed in hiding for over a decade because of it.

So, now he's been knighted for his literary contribution, but a country's government which neighbored his childhood homeland, has declared that this honour be retracted. They say that this award is an attack on them as a people, and that the UK is just hatemongering by awarding this author any acclaims. Further, they state that that anyone would do well to suicide bomb themselves if they killed this author.

How can you possibly consider any request of a religious subgroup and of a national government that authorizes, condones, and publicly promotes this sort of behavior?
I'm not saying our government or leaders are "good". I mean, hell, the US puffs its chest internationally. The undersecretary of state, Mr. Burns, publicly hatemongers and amplifies things. Our international reputation is not sufficient to support the level of pride and command we try to exert.

Anyway, our world is full of jackasses.
If you can't filter what you say and when you say it, then you have no fucking business representing me or my people to anyone, let alone the world media.

This is one of the major reasons I should never be in politics, but these fuckers... not historians, not PR experts... They're oil tycoons.

So, I ask you, as a friend. When you vote for the leader of your country, vote for someone who is clear, concise, and has a strong background in history, geography, social and political sciences, and who is not a religious extremist.

Let them be intelligent, educated, moderately tempered, patient and understanding of the diversity of people.

Let them not be motivated, hatemongering businessmen.

Time to do some research, no?
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