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I was going to post single frames too, but generating the cross-section marker image and cross-referencing it with the set is a pain in the butt.

I could scan my films, but the image quality wouldn't be great, and I don't have a flatbed that large.

Sagittal Coronal imagery of my lumbar spine:

You can see my kidneys on the sides near the top.
My hip bones are the grey angles on either side of my lower spine.
The dark circle in center bottom is by sigmoid colon.

Sagittal T2-Weighted Fast Spin Echo of my Lumbar spine:

You can see my bellybutton form on the left.
In the middle, you can see a dark cross-section that would probably be my intestines.
You can see the curve change on the right side edge which defines the curve of my spine versus the thickness of my BUTT and my back muscles.

Axial T2-Weighted of my Lumbar spine:

The blobs on the upper side that swim UP are my kindeys.
The blobs on the bottom sides are the meat of my back muscles.

I left out most of the coronal and T1 duplicate scans.
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