Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

19 is "getting older!?!?!"

So, for some reason, I decided to listen to Frank Radio this evening.

For those not in "the know", this is and it's basically a stream of voiceposts.

So anyway, one of them has some chick talking about how some guy is a dork (says it 10213563165 times) and then says "I'm nineteen, and getting older. I guess we all have to grow up. I'm not even living at home anymore. tear tear, cry cry." (her words, not me mocking).

nineteen is old?

I must be fucking ancient then.

I can barely even recall what my woes were at 19, but they revolved around partying, low end computer sales jobs, sleep deprivation, wondering why I was always the "friend" instead of the "boyfriend" (not aggressive enough in pursuit, and not a big enough asshole to attract the REALLY needy ones.), etc.

I was still living at home. I graduated HS at age 19. I had a job, but couldn't keep money in the bank account. I had car problems because I didn't think of the concept of saving up to buy a newer/better one.

Life was very different.

I mean, I hate saving now, but at least I'm putting away something for retirement.

I have a family now and support them.

I'm slightly more reliable, much more confident, and much more valued at work.

I'll be 32 in a month and a half.

How the fuck did that happen.

I'm old compared to 19, or even to 23, but I'm young compared to 42, 55, 65, 72, 89 or 103

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