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Josh-D. S. Davis

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19 is "getting older!?!?!"
Josh 201604 KWP
So, for some reason, I decided to listen to Frank Radio this evening.

For those not in "the know", this is http://frnk.livejournal.com and it's basically a stream of voiceposts.

So anyway, one of them has some chick talking about how some guy is a dork (says it 10213563165 times) and then says "I'm nineteen, and getting older. I guess we all have to grow up. I'm not even living at home anymore. tear tear, cry cry." (her words, not me mocking).

nineteen is old?

I must be fucking ancient then.

I can barely even recall what my woes were at 19, but they revolved around partying, low end computer sales jobs, sleep deprivation, wondering why I was always the "friend" instead of the "boyfriend" (not aggressive enough in pursuit, and not a big enough asshole to attract the REALLY needy ones.), etc.

I was still living at home. I graduated HS at age 19. I had a job, but couldn't keep money in the bank account. I had car problems because I didn't think of the concept of saving up to buy a newer/better one.

Life was very different.

I mean, I hate saving now, but at least I'm putting away something for retirement.

I have a family now and support them.

I'm slightly more reliable, much more confident, and much more valued at work.

I'll be 32 in a month and a half.

How the fuck did that happen.

I'm old compared to 19, or even to 23, but I'm young compared to 42, 55, 65, 72, 89 or 103

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I found white hairs - and not a few, like a massive wad of them, all of a sudden. And I regularly get ma'amed. I don't like this aging thing. But it beats the alternative.

I'm not EVEN the same girl I was 12 years ago either.

You know, we've already met the average life expectancy of centuries past. Not to say there weren't old folks back then, just to say many people died by this age.

yup. 'Course, I'd already BE dead, due to not being able to give birth without c-section, yanno. I loves me some modern medical technology stuffies!

I dunno, You could have survived a c-section back then. They had morphine, and stitching. The key would be cleanliness. I'd give you a 20% chance of survival.

Well and keep in mind that 32 is the new 27. ;-)

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